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Conquer Creative Block

There's nothing more frustrating than creative block. Finding inspiration in such a daunting world can be the needle in the haystack. Analyze this place. Are you too caught up in numbers? Is your need to keep up with trends stifling your originality? Maybe you just need a change of scenery. Nevertheless, it is up to us to come out of our comfort zone to venture into new perspectives in order to rejuvenate our creativity. Inspiration is all around us. It is up to us to embrace the world around us and take time to appreciate a different view. Here are some tips on how to conquer creative block.

1. Meditate

It may sound cliché but we assure you.. Meditation is KEY to keeping your mind and energy clean, clear and under control. (Joke for the 90's babies.. Don't come for us face wash folks). I digress, mediation is great for lowering the volume on your busy mind to connect to your body and spirit. You'd be amazed how much a 10 minute breathing session can revive your mind.

Honorable mentions: Moving meditations (walking, jogging, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, etc.)

For beginner's guide to meditation we recommend the HEADSPACE app:

2. Listen to Binaural beats

Step away from your normal playlist and dig into some binaural beats. Binaural beats are pitches and tones that stimulate the brain in different ways depending on the frequencies.. The Solfeggio Frequency scale gives the proper correlation between binaural beats and your bodily response. Try this Spotify playlist, Binaural Beats for Focus:

3. Ground in Nature

Grounding is like it sounds. Planting your hands and/or feet into the Earth beneath you. Get dirty with some gardening. Take a barefoot stroll in a field of grass. Calm yourself by a body of water. Take time to be silent and observe the hidden worlds of birds above. Your body is like a plant. It needs good nutrients, solid earth, lots of water and sunlight. Cater to accordingly.

4. Brain DUMP

This is one of my favorites. For cognitive reasons, this works well with paper and writing utensils. Once you have your tools, sit down, take a deep breath, and DUMP. Release every running thought in the mind. No matter how big, small or ridiculous, write it down. Any ideas you've had (or the lack of). Log occurrences in your dreams, random thoughts, a bucket list, to do list; names of places or people you've been meaning to get back to, questions you've always wanted to ask.. Literally anything that comes to mind. Hitting the release hatch in your brain simply 'cleans out' all that is clogging your creativity. Dumping the mind pulls the clutter from the mind, creating space for fresh ideas while reviving the subconscious.

5. Collaborate

Sometimes the inspiration we need can come from a friend or colleague. Though birds of a feather often stick together, collaboration requires no flock. Network with your friends in similar and different industries. Learn what inspires them to do their jobs or how they work. Join with like minds to build a project, making sure to learn all you can from those involved. The best work comes from the minds of the collective.

6. Document your Dreams

While you sleep, the subconscious mind has the freedom to wander. The thoughts that cross our minds in waking hours grow and develop. Nothing seems impossible in the dreamland. Instead of loosing the beauty Dreamland offers, harness it. Keep a notebook by the bedside. Before checking your phone, while you're still in bed, document everything you remember about your dreams. This imagery can inspire your next project or offer resolutions to issues in the waking world. Capture the dream and turn it into reality.

7. Experiment

Nothing like a little experimentation to get the creative juices flowing! Let's go beyond your college past and into the strengths you possess as a creator. Think outside the box by doing something you know how to do and executing it differently. Instead of using acrylics, use charcoals. Instead of producing a hip-hop track, create country. Taking things from a different perspective will always yield inspiring results.

8. Learn about something different

The world is full of infinite knowledge. There is always something to learn from this beautiful world. Take a random topic and dive into it fully. Watching documentaries, reading a book or taking a class provides an opportunity to exercise the mind. Being an expert in your industry can be a debilitating position. Learning new things places us back into the rookie seat, stimulating our minds to work to build a new skill. Stay a student.

9. Tap into your inner child

Children are full of imagination. The power to see a multitude of options within simple prompts is a super power we often loose as we become adults. If you are experiencing a creative block it is time to tap in to your inner child. Take the project and look at it from a youthful view.

10. Create or Change your workspace

In the laws of Feng Shui state, moving 7 things can refresh the energy of your space. Next time you're in a creative block, take time to move a few things around to switch up the flow. Redecorating is a wonderful way to get the creative energy implemented back into your space. Bonus points if you rearrange completely!

As a creative collective, we are reliant on our minds to stay sharp and innovative. Don't wait until the block takes over. Using these methods daily will keep the mind full and flowing.

Try these methods next time you're in a creative block. Tell us how you break the block in the comments!


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