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Why Your Networking Sucks (and how to improve)

We've all heard these types of phrases:

"Your network is your net worth."

"You are the average sum of the top 5 people you spend the most time with."

"You are only as good as the company you keep."

"Birds of a feather flock together."

Yet no one tells you HOW to increase the value of your social circles.

Networking Anxiety is the fear or resistance to reaching out or introducing yourself to other people.

So where does this anxiety stem from?

1. Fear of Rejection - Feeling like people won't "GET" or "ACCEPT" you.

2. Imposter Syndrome - "If they SEE me then I have to BE me."

3. You don't really care - Do you want to be here in the first place? Do you care to hear what others may have to offer you?

4. Unclear Targets - Do you know your target demographic? Have you set an intention for meeting others? What types of people would you like to build in your professional social circle?

5. Loss for Words - Maybe you don't know how to start the convo. Do you feel like you're not that interesting?

All of these mental blocks are keeping your brand from expanding your potential for wonderful connections, opportunity and brand exposure.

So how do we conquer Networking Anxiety?

1. Fear of Rejection > Eliminate Doubt

Your vibe will attract your tribe. Networking is an opportunity for BRAND AWARENESS. Getting your business seen and acknowledged. You cannot be seen without being heard and vice versa. Approach social interaction as an opportunity to introduce your brand. This goes for in-person meetings, LIVES and virtual engagements. Those who resonate with your messaging will automatically be drawn to your presence.

2. Impostor Syndrome >> Be AUTHENTICALLY YOU

Step into any situation with confidence that who they meet has much to offer. iNcarnate your brand by allowing your purpose to radiate through your presence. Self doubt can lead to self sabotaging. NO ONE CAN BE YOU BETTER THAN YOU! Your brand, mission and vision are VALID. Shine your light with your head (and brand) held high in all social settings.

3. You don't really care >> Set Clear Intentions

Let's be honest.. Why are you here in the first place? Do you really care to connect with other people? Before attending any event ask yourself, "What am I here to do?" Setting intentions brings clarity to your approach to networking. Intentions set a goal in the mind which stimulates the actions needed to engage with other business owners and/or potential clients.

4. Unclear Targets >> Visualize the Big Picture

Close your eyes and take a moment to see the vision of your business at it's highest peak. Take notice of who's there. What TYPES of clients do you serve? What kind of business does your brand resonate with? Who do you associate with on a professional level? Knowing your target demographics in more than just audience brings you closer to attracting those you'd like to bring into your network. This is YOUR table. Choose seating wisely.

5. Loss for Words >> Practice Your Spiel

In order to #expandyourbrand you must first know HOW to introduce yourself and your business. Practice introducing yourself in different ways. Say your mission and vision statements out loud to yourself. Build your elevator pitch. Rehearse pitches with your friends and family to establish your own groove. Networking is an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas. Bring value to the conversation simply by highlighting who you are and the value your brand as to offer others.

Conquering Networking Anxiety is attainable with patience and practice. Keep in mind every entrepreneur is here for the same reason. To serve a purpose through products and services and seek opportunities for growth. Networking can be a wonderful experience that bring value and richness to your professional social circles. Save these tips to build your confidence within yourself and in your brand.



Ready to try out your new networking skills? Meet us in the GreenRoom!

The GreenRoom is iNcarnate's private online community of growing moguls. We welcome the entrepreneurs, independent artists, creative professionals and world changers ready to connect with like minded goal-getters. See you soon!

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