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From our Director

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Greetings Creators,

My name is Alexis "Triniity" Fantroy, director of Creative iNcarnate. I am excited to be connecting with the Collective and giving more insight behind the scenes. A creator is defined as a person who brings something into existence. Entrepreneurs and artists walk hand in hand when bringing a concept to life. When you truly care about your business or art, it becomes your life. You dream, eat, breathe it. You see it everywhere you go and in everything you do. It is more than just a source of income but a lifestyle. You're excited about the influence you can have and the impact you can create in your industry. The go-getters. The visionaries. Those who iNcarnate their vision. Those are types of people we work with.

This blog also duels as my business journal. Since starting iNcarnate in 2017, I often get approached by creatives that need guidance, advice or just to know they aren't crazy.. (though most times we are). Building your brand can get lonely. Friends and family don't always understand the trials that come with building an empire. Long days, late nights, sacrifices, balancing priorities (and accounts). This space was developed as an opportunity for engagement. For up-and-coming leaders of industry to talk about their highlights, struggles, to network and build their brand. We are here to create, collaborate, educate and empower artists of all crafts, creators of all design.

It is my personal mission to inspire others to be authentically themselves. I encourage the weirdos; those bold enough to live outside the box. Birthing a new standard of greatness on their own terms. iNcarnate is home for those who create the trends instead of following them. So if this letter resonates, welcome home.

Signing off,

A. Triniity Fantroy

Director, Creative iNcarnate

IG/Twitter: @iNc_Triniity

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